The Mobinawa-WebSMS platform also supports a large number of features enabling the creation and easy management of SMS services and the operation of the platform.

Send Bulk SMS Sub-accounts

As the admin account user, you have the ability to create up to 10 sub-accounts for your team members with permissions on different modules within the platform and only give them access to specific features what they have access to inside the parent account. A sub-account can basically access the parent account (with their own username and password), but with different permissions based on how a parent account sets it.

SMS marketing keywordsContact Management

This tool enables you to search and manage all your contacts/subscribers, mobile number as default parameter and 3 other optional parameters (name and email, birthday) of the consumer. You can view the source of collection of each contact, whether through SMS keyword, webfom widget, or if they were manually added.

Segment Your Contacts : With the group segmenting function, you can easily create multiple groups lists. This organizes your contacts into groups and allows you to keep organized all your subscribers and where they are coming from!

Upload contact Lists : You can easily upload contact lists gotten from somewhere else into named groups via CSV files.

Bulk SMS SchedulingTraffic Reporting

Real time view of reporting data of each service, depending on different display criteria: per flux (MO, MT), par period, par mobile number, with the ability to export the result in Excell file.

AutorespondersWebform Widgets

This allow you to easily collect some additional information (such as name, birthday, email,…) from your audience (customers or not) and store them in a given contact group list through a Webform that is placed on a mobile webApp. This provides a cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new consumers.

Send MMS messagesMobile Web Page Builder

Suitable for small Businesses with no website, this tool equipped with a full-featured HTML editor, enables them to easily create and host their own mobile web pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send via SMS those page URLs out to their selected contact group list to view. In option, you can generate QR code corresponding to each mobile web page, and place this QR code anywhere in a card, flyer, or a storefront, etc, in order to be scanned by your mobile audience.

2-way messagingShort Link & Tracking

You have the option to shorten your links so they don't take up as many characters in your text messages and also track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message was. A very helpful little tool!

SMS ContestsQR Codes

This tool enables you to create and generate many different types of QR Codes including: URL, Location (which is linked to coordinates on Google Maps), E-Mail, Text, Call, SMS, WI-FI, V-card! These QR codes can be scanned by your mobile audience in order to perfom a number of actions embedded in the code.

Birthday SMS WishesEmail Alerts

Get new subscriber email alerts as they happen or in a daily summary. Also get low credit balance email alerts so you'll always be aware of when to replenish your credits.